The diamonds price list: Rapaport Diamond Report.


The List! It’s just called the Rapaport Diamond Report: the reference price list for polished diamonds. In the '70s, Martin Rapaport had the brilliant idea to formalize on paper what happened every day for voice in the trading-halls of the 3 major diamond exchanges at that time: Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York. Up to the Rapaport Diamond Report, prices were obtained from the local market and what was determined in a certain amount in Antwerp, it could easily be different in New York. There are about 16,000 types of diamonds, and it would have been impossible to create a specific list for so many varieties.

The Rapaport Diamond Report is a not public price list and his consultation is confidential and protected by copyright. Among the trader you will never hear the asking price for a diamond, but rather: " much from to the list?". The Rapaport Diamond Report is the price on which to base trading and this means that, in consideration of the specific gemological properties of a diamond, the real price will be determined at a premium (or discount) from the price indicated on the list. Each diamond is different from another, and the price should reflect the positive and negative characteristics applied to the reference price of the Rapaport Diamond Report. This interpretation can only be done by professionals diamantaire, because a wrong application of these practices could generate significant losses of money for buyers or sellers.

This list is published every Thursday afternoon in the U.S. and shows the prices of diamonds divided into categories by color, clarity and weight. To these parameters must be added the cut grade rating of diamonds, that can be interpreted only by experts who have the necessary skills and experience to estimate and evaluate correctly also other gemological properties like: the impact of the inclusions on the brilliance of the diamond, the cut make, the original color of the rough, the influence of fluorescence...and, not least, the gemological laboratory that issued the certificate.

If few years ago the diamond trading had been held in the halls of diamond exchanges, now we have online trading platforms where, near the reference price of the Rapaport Diamond Report, it’s shown the “asked” price by the owner and you can make a "bid" to start negotiations. The remarkable result is that, all over the world, every accredited diamantaire to trade online could know the real price of a diamond, laying the basis for an open market with transparent pricing, as happens for other commodities.



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