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Our mission is not limited to provide the best diamonds at the best price, but also to offer a personalized service perfectly fitted on your needs. Me and my team are ready to establish partnerships with our customers serving us all the instruments that technology makes available today. We are ready to answer and solve any question regarding diamonds offering a tailored service, because each customer is unique.

When a customer gets in touch with us, he immediately understands the benefits of being connected to a source of the diamond industry, where every demand can be met with the greatest competence and highest professionalism.


Personalized service 


Each client is unique with unique needs. My target is to adapt our organization because you will be 100% satisfied and every time you have a new project to realize, you can simply show your goals and we will plan the work with clear and transparent indication of modes, delivery times and costs.



Partnerships with our customers 


All customer relations are marked by a long-term vision that go beyond a simple delivery of goods on payment of an invoice. My own story and my reputation tell you as I always try to establish a long term relationship with my clients to realise an optimal management of the stock to deliver the diamonds at the right time. Once identified the kind of diamonds which the customer needs, our target is to plan work to allow you to organize time and money.




Our diamond quality controls are made with the most advanced technology and equipment (microscopes, proporziometri, spectrophotometers). Diamonds are examined by highly skilled operators, mostly with GIA or HRD education, and I am involved in all operations at the direct control of production. We can also help our clients to access to the services of gemological laboratories around the world (GIA, HRD, IGI) for the identification and analysis of their diamonds.


Solve any question


Our customers have also the opportunity to use our laboratory for the identification and analysis of their diamonds that are realized according to the GIA standards for a better organization of their work. They may also think to develop any idea or project to customized cuts, re-cutting with computerized calculation of the new proportions, laser inscription on the girdle with every kind of letter or with the customer's logo, or inquire about any diamond quality and any kind of specific expertise related to the world of diamonds.


Source of the diamond industry


In addition to giving you the best quality diamonds at the best price of the market, our customers will early appreciate to be connected with a direct source of the diamond industry. Our partners are among the world leaders in diamond mining and cutting. Most of our suppliers are De Beers Sightholders, which means to skip all the brokers who increase the price, but not the value of diamonds. The exclusive relationships with our suppliers allow us to ensure a steady and selected flow of diamonds, according to the customer production requirements and this means: lower costs, just in time delivery and maximum satisfaction.


Competence and professionalism


In the last years the world seems to be shocked by several waves of any kind of crisis and if the values of integrity and ethics will not return to the heart of our lives and our work, unexpected and unwanted events will always be more. I have always believed that every job can give satisfaction if it’s done with dignity and passion and today it seems even more true that everyone must do his own job! I do not have the ambition to serve all customers in the world, but, all who will become customers they will be served at the highest levels of competence and professionalism from my team voted, first of all, to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.




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