Rough diamonds selection process
The classification into one of about 15,000 categories of rough categories patented by De Beers is one of the key to the develop value in our diamonds.
The classification is a complex and lengthy procedure, which accompanies the diamond when it’s extracted, until the sale to the final consumer. The figure of the explorer in search of fortune is now represented by geologists, lasers and computers, in high safety locations, that examine the rough diamonds extracted, they classify it and they send it on the market through the diamonds exchanges, where there are traders like me.

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Among the criteria for classification of a diamond - the 4 "Cs" - the parameter that has greater importance is Cut. If we set 100 as diamond price, the cut will count for 40% of the total, while the other three factors (Clarity, Color and Carat) will count for 20% each. When we say "cut" we mean the technical process used to bring out the best characteristics of fire, brilliance and "life" of the gemstone (eg. Brilliant cut). When we say "shape" we indicate the pattern used to cut the stone: round, pear, oval, heart, square...the round brilliant cut is the most common and well known, so much so that the word "brilliant" is used incorrectly as a synonym for diamond.
A diamond cut is classified following the standards introduced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) about a century ago and constantly updated on the progress of cutting techniques. To evaluate the cut of a diamond we refer to the Cut Grade, Polish and Symmetry, following the degrees "Excellent", "Very Good", "Good" the lowest "Poor". The highest quality degree given to a diamond is Triple Excellent (3EX), in which each parameter is found at the top of the category. The definitions cutting style Antwerp cut, Amsterdam cut, Russian cut,...are terms that have no gemological meaning.
When a diamond is properly cut, following the ideal geometric proportions developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, the amount of light that enters from the table of the diamond is refracted in the 7 colors of the spectrum inside the diamond from one facet to another and then reflected again through the table of the stone to the gaze observer direction. The light speed inside a diamond (about 125,000 km/sec) is the main element that leads an expert to evaluate a diamond! When there are "losses" along the way of light inside the diamond, it means that the stone was not well cut, and the result will be a dark stone or a light stone.


A special accuracy in the facets alignment of a round brilliant diamond cut can produce the "Hearts & Arrows" phenomenon, which mention on the gemological certificate is the highest certification of the quality of Symmetry.

For the fancy cut diamonds quality impact on final price up to 50% of the total. We can provide any type of shape available on the market as the pear shape, oval, heart, triangle, baguette, taper, square, princess, asscher, radiant, emerald, octagonal...or customized shapes according to customer's design to allow to realize his most extraordinary jewelry and also to patent exclusive shapes. We use the precision cutting technologies that enable us to provide calibrated stones with extremely low tolerances.

A distinction should be done between the color of diamonds and colored diamonds (brown, blacks, yellow, green, red, blue, pink, etc ...). Our company is able to provide all GIA color grading scale from "D" grade to the "Z" grade. We are among the few diamantaire capable of meet all demands about natural colored diamonds in any shape and any weight, according to the availability of the market, because they are very rare diamonds.

We can provide our customers all range of GIA clarity grading scale: from IF degree (Internally Flawless), VVS1-VVS2 grades, VS1-VS2, SI1-SI2 to I1-I2-I3. In case of creations requiring many calibrated diamonds, we can realise any kind of diamonds in line of any quality.

As trader and member of the most important diamond exchange of the world, my company has the chance to provide our customers in every weight and any size of diamond from ct. 0,002.

Legitimate sources 
Get out from your head pictures of black men and children exploited by local crime who are looking for diamond digging with their own hands. All process of extraction, production and sale of our diamonds is submitted to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme: an agreement among 80 countries under UN control, which obliges governments and enterprises to assure the traceability and legality of diamonds.
Adherence to this protocol guarantees that our diamonds are not involved in conflicts.

Moral principles
Diamonds should be treated with respect and love. Thinking about that the youngest diamond today has at least 900,000 years and the oldest is about 4 billion years, it is easy to understand how we could make our world a better place, and I work through my company with passion and determination because respect for people is a hallmark in our job environment, because the relationship with our customers and our suppliers are relationships - first of all - between people, because where my diamonds are involved there are responsibility and moral integrity as even the simple creation of a jewel can bring us closer to the principles of harmony of nature.

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